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Spotlight on... Executive Search

20th September 2019

As a people-focused recruitment agency, we’ve built an extensive network of businesses and professionals in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and beyond. Part of our key offering is in ensuring we place the right people with roles that are right for them, as well as the clients we recruit for.

This month’s spotlight is on the Executive Search Division.

What is executive search?

Executive search is the specialist practice of recruiting executive level candidates into organisations, including Finance Directors and Chief Financial Officers. As a division of recruitment that focuses on building relationships with management or board-level candidates, who may not be actively looking for a new role, the practice of executive search is a highly skilled area requiring proactivity and a deep knowledge of varying business requirements to find a true match.

At Grafton Banks Finance, Managing Director Alex Gregory heads up our Executive Search Division, utilising his in-depth knowledge of the Sussex, Surrey and Kent markets and strong understanding of client needs to provide excellent results.

How does executive search work?

Our executive search process begins with a face to face meeting with the client to gain a good understanding of the brief for the role and ideal candidate, as well as the business, its culture and identity, working practices and aspirations. We fully believe that this approach ensures we source candidates that are a good cultural fit for the organisation, as well as technically qualified, to provide client and candidate with a fulfilling partnership.

With a thorough brief in mind, our team thoroughly map the market through a combination of networking and headhunting techniques to source and engage with ideal candidates, nurturing interest in the role, advising them along the way, managing offers and providing support for contractual negotiations.

We check in regularly with our clients to update on progress and ensure a two-way dialogue is always open.

Why choose executive search?

In-house recruitment is a very costly process, in terms of both time and financial resources. When you’re looking to fill difficult roles that are highly senior, you need not just these resources, but also the skills and know-how of sourcing the right people.

You’ll need access to the best candidates from a wide pool of active and passive talent. Choosing executive search allows not just this, but also the knowledge that your recruiter is mapping the market for a very specific candidate in mind, generally cutting down the overall time to hire and ruling out the risk of meeting with unqualified candidates.

As a recognised leader in the provision of recruitment services in the South East of England, the Grafton Banks Finance team use a meticulous combination of recruitment methods to meet the needs of your business.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you find the right people for your business, please contact us.

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