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Dressing for the workplace

22nd May 2018

The dress code within a workplace can say a lot about your organisation’s culture as a whole, and communicates a particular image to its stakeholders. Despite many industries having relaxed their rules over the years, a vast amount of companies within the finance, legal and sales world continue to operate a business attire code throughout the year.

Why business attire?

Dress codes are a way for organisations to promote their cohesion, demonstrating that all employees are working together towards the same goal. Additionally, within a business environment it is highly likely that employees will come into regular contact with stakeholders, such as clients or suppliers, so it is important to dress in a way that represents the organisation and protects their reputation. One of the challenges employees face around this requirement is the levels of formality that come with the term.

Gauging the dress code for your company

The prospect of getting your work attire right in a new workplace can be daunting for many, particularly if it might be your first job within that industry. A good way to gauge how your future colleagues present themselves is at the interview stage, particularly if you have an opportunity to meet additional team members or walk around the facilities.

Company websites are also useful for finding out more about the setting within your workplace. Of course, it is always recommended to read up on the organisation you will be working with before meeting with them, but the company website also provides a useful insight into the day-to-day environment, and often further information about the team itself.

Guidelines for dressing professionally

If you feel uncertain, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a representative from your company but, as a general rule, it is always better to opt for smarter clothing over something more casual. Ensuring your clothing is comfortable, well-ironed and properly fitting makes a world of difference to how comfortable you feel and, in turn, how you present yourself outwardly as you won’t find yourself distracted by discomfort.

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