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Top business benefits of using a specialist financial recruiter

2nd October 2015

Finding the best talent or the perfect role can be challenging in a well-connected but highly competitive industry. A more buoyant economy is reflected in increased recruitment levels; candidates feel more secure when changing jobs and clients feel more confident about increasing their departments. The notion that recruitment is a simple process, and that time and money can be saved by taking recruitment in-house rather than outsourcing to a specialist is a costly misconception. If you are on the fence about outsourcing your recruitment activity in the financial industry, here is our take on why you should.

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Market knowledge

We are proud of our reputation in the financial industry. We have built an established scope through communication, commitment and trust. We retain the latest market information: skills gaps, rates, the health of a particular market, and we use this knowledge as part of our overall strategy to help.

Client success

Our clients include some of the biggest and brightest businesses in the UK. Our roles range from part-qualified accounting positions to director level in commerce and industry, accountancy practices, public sector, financial services and legal firms. Find out first hand why our clients choose to use Grafton Banks by clicking through to our client testimonials.

Value for money

Sorting through hundreds of cover letters and CVs takes up a huge chunk of business hours during a hiring period, and that's not taking into account the phone calls and setting up first, second, sometimes third interviews. Our large network also attracts candidates fast without the need for expensive and lengthy advertising. We recognise which CVs will be suited to a particular position and our candidates are vetted strictly on the basis of their relevant skills and experience. All this results in a reliable and valuable service that won't detract time from your working day.

No frills

We understand that time is tight for employees making their next transition and businesses that are looking for the perfect candidate. The Grafton Banks team get straight to the point to provide a fast and efficient recruitment process. As a specialist accountancy recruitment provider, we know the credentials that you're looking for and the type of work ethics that will excel, and slide into your financial business comfortably.

Mutual relationship

We're passionate about placing people in the right roles in the accountancy industry, and it's in our best interest, as well as yours, to find candidates that will flourish in the long-term. We take the time to provide constructive advice, and listen to what you need so you know that you're getting the best service for your organisation. Our straightforward yet personal approach is appreciated by both clients and candidates. We'll listen to what you need and put your feedback into practice.

Passion for what we do

Each consultant has been on their own career journey to get to where they are today. No business can be successful without a great deal of passion to drive it forward. We have powered through a tough economic climate to steadily grow the organisation in the dynamic Sussex and Surrey markets. Click here to find out more about our recruitment backgrounds.

If you're thinking of hiring new staff, we'll be happy to guide you through the process from our office bases in Brighton and Reigate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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