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The Benefits of Exclusive Recruitment Partnerships

15th May 2019

At Grafton Banks Finance, we’re big believers in the benefits of an exclusive relationship between recruiter and clients. It sounds obvious for a recruitment company to say this but, as a business focused on forming meaningful relationships with both client and candidate, we think that opting for exclusive recruitment has mutual benefits. We’ve broken some of these down for you below.

High-quality resourcing

Perhaps the most significant benefit of an exclusive recruitment partnership is the high level of commitment clients receive from their instructed agency. The key element is the partnership aspect – our team like to spend time discussing your needs in detail, so an exclusive partnership allows not just that, but means we have the time and resource to comb through our databases or proactively headhunt candidates that will be the right fit. Working exclusively with your recruiter will allow both of you the time to find and present a shortlist of high calibre candidates. Instructing multiple agencies can result in duplicated applications and a ‘race to introduction’ scenario; it won’t necessarily increase the quality or widen the pool of candidates. A good recruiter will invest in advertising and have a good network of suitable candidates to present.

Qualified talent pools

We value your time – but we know that investing at the start of the recruitment process to understand the individual recruitment requirements of each client, role specification, company culture, working practices and personalities allows us to get a head start in presenting the right candidate to you. We place a strong emphasis in the relationships we build and maintain with our candidates. This means we can spend time engaging with the right people, ensuring the role and organisation is well suited to them and encouraging them to research and get to know their prospective employer. Time spent at the start of the recruitment process is never wasted – and an exclusive relationship means that you don’t have to duplicate this information.

Exclusive candidate relationships

We are also in the fortunate position to partner exclusively with a high number of candidates. We have been in business for over ten years now, and many of our candidates have worked with us repeatedly over this time – they have built up a trust in us and we understand the way in which they prefer to work. They come to us rather than going to the open market – and with an exclusive client and recruiter partnership you can enjoy the benefit of working with a candidate and recruiter solely focused on your business.

Stage by stage communications for a transparent partnership

Working with one recruiter exclusively not only allows the agency more insight into the clients’ needs, exclusive recruitment also enables us to keep prospective candidates up to date, stage by stage. Starting with the shortlisting of candidates we think are best suited to the role and organisation, to overviews of what stage of the discussion process are at and negotiating offers. This gives our clients the best possible prospect of securing the candidate of choice for your role.

Maintained confidentiality

If your role is sensitive in its nature – for whatever reason – then it is imperative that you work with a trusted supplier on an exclusive basis. We are able to work closely with clients to ensure that confidentiality is respected and maintained. Confidentiality across a multiple recruiter situation is virtually impossible to maintain.

At Grafton Banks Finance, we pride ourselves on our diverse team of skilled recruiters that place emphasis in ensuring they find the right match for both client and candidate. If you’d like to find out more about instructing us on an exclusive basis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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