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The Argus - December 2009

Nigel Jeyes, founding director of Grafton Banks Finance, based in Hove.

Can you please explain what you do (in plain English) please?

Grafton Banks Finance is an independent and niche recruitment consultancy, which specialises in placing qualified accountants and qualified-by-experience professionals into business across Sussex and South Surrey.

Why are you better than the rest?

Our approach is consultative rather than "salesy", empathetic rather than aggressive, client focussed rather than target focused. Our experience, our local knowledge and focus on senior appointments mean we have an unparalleled market insight and deliver a more consistently effective way for clients to fill their business critical senior finance positions.

What time do you set your alarm?


What time do you get home?

6.30am - I enjoy the symmetry of it.

Do you live to work or work to live?

You need a balance. This has been the business's first year so it's felt a bit more like the former. It's been challenging for many businesses, but that said, I really love what I do. Of course, I am ambitious for the business and keen to make profits, but the relationship side to this business makes all the hard work fun, varied and interesting.

Best advice you've been given?

Never eat spaghetti at a business lunch.

Worst advice you've been given?

Just have one more for the road - you'll be fine.

What do you love working in Hove?

I live and work in Hove, which allows me the luxury of dropping my young daughters at school. That is priceless.

What do you hate about working in Hove?

I can't think of anything, because the location is perfect for both business and lifestyle.

Who's your business guru?

Certainly not the chap from Ryanair, who, on a trip to Cork, temporarily lost our luggage and reneged on the promise to deliver it when it came to light. We ended up at a Christening in jeans and t-shirts.

Business lunches - "just water for me thanks" or "can I see the wine list?"?

Lunch is the busiest time in Recruitment so unfortunately these are very rare. Maybe I'll have a beer if I'm feeling naughty.

Dragons' Den or The Apprentice?

I haven't watched Dragon's Den. However, friends of mine own a business in Sussex that was used for one of the tasks in the Apprentice over two days. It was very interesting to hear how a reality TV program is edited.

Global warming - are we doomed?

Global warming is a very difficult and complex issue to comment on in such a small space. It is very cold outside though.

Is business responsible and can business save the day?

I'm not sure about the business being responsible, but I am under pressure. Having sat through the film Wall-E several times, my children are now badgering me to save the planet.

What was the last book you read?

It was a non-fiction title - John McEnroe's Autobiography, Serious. He is a truly great entertainer, with the tempers and tantrums and the swearing and shouting. He wasn't bad at tennis either.

What was the last album you bought?

Ocean Rain by Echo and The Bunnymen. I'm replacing all of my vinyl.

What is you favourite film?

Sideways. It is about middle-aged men on a road trip drinking wine. What's not to like?

Married, single or other?

Married with two daughters.

Most detestable place of business speak - e.g "thinking outside of the box."?

All of the surely?

What's your business moto?

If at first you don't succeed, remove all the evidence you ever tried.

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